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Specter BW Henshin Belt


Simple simulatin Kamen Rider Specter henshin belt in black white mode.Symbol : A : Button List Eyecon B : Button Tunel C : Tunel Change Eyecon D : Tunel Henshin/AttackFeatures : ~ 2 Driver Belt ~ 42 Eyecon ~ 164 Ringtone
How to use : 1. Click icon youtube tutorial to show tutorial video. 2. Click icon play (center) to go Specter henshin belt in black white mode. 3. Click symbol A and select eyecon. 4. Click symbol B henshin. 5. Click symbol B again to attack. 6. Click icon greatful driver to change belt. 7. Click symbol C to change greatful. 8. Click 2x symbol D to henshin. 9. Click symbol C and D to actived eyecon. 10. Click symbol D to attack.
To set ringtone : 1. Click icon ringtone. 2. Click item to hear sound. 3. Long click item to set sound ringtone.
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